As you follow the path from North Oak's main gate, you come across a small gravel parking lot beside a charming farm cottage.

Welcome to the Showmans'

It's a good day. You've caught Cade and Hillary in between chores around the farm. The warm savory smell of stew boiling in the crockpot on the counter hits you the moment Cade opens the door.

"Come in, come in!" He smiles broadly, reaching for your hand. "Dinner will be done shortly. Will you be joining us?"

His hand is weathered after years of working with proud, spirited stallions and managing overbearing mares.

As North Oak's breeding manager, it's his job to make sure the heartbeat of the farm is steady. His philosophy: Champions don't rise from the track. They start in the breeding shed.

""Don't be silly, Cade," Hillary says from deeper in the adjoining kitchen. "They probably have loads to see around the farm. I know it takes quite a while for me to make the rounds each day."

You peek in to see Cade's wife, Hillary. Her brunette hair flows just over her shoulders as she finishes washing a bowl for dinner. She dries it with a dish towel with the same confident, but delicate care she gives each horse as North Oak's head veterinarian. "I'm sure they much rather see the horses than an old married couple like us."

If Cade is in charge of the farm's heartbeat, Hillary is the driving force behind the lifeblood.

Together, the two are the perfect team.

"But there's crescent rolls..." Cade almost whimpers, shutting the door.