North Oak

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North Oak champions tough kid & teen issues such as bullying, suicide, sexuality, and mental illness.

Set against the high stakes, fast-paced world of horse racing, this series is sure to take hold of your heart like a runaway Thoroughbred.

North Oak is the #1 bestselling LGBTQ+ MG/YA horse racing series in the world!

It is the Thoroughbred Series' heir apparent. Written for a new generation of equestrian lovers everywhere by an author who knows what it is to love on the spectrum

Parents, let your daughters grow up to be horse girls

because they will learn quickly and repeatedly that life isn't fair, hard work is often trumped by lady luck, and that every defeat-- no matter how terrible-- is temporary.

Let them dream big, and kick on. Let them learn confidence, grace, and grit. Let them build big muscles and strong backs, and learn that a little blood & a little sweat are good things. Because they show you you're living.

Let them grow up with horses, and good horse people, because it will teach them to be humble, and to be resilient, and to be brave."

~Lauren Sprieser

The North Oak series by Ann Hunter includes LGBTQ characters, including Alexandra Anderson, the protagonist of the series, who is bisexual.

Alex has sweet/clean romantic relationships with both male and female characters throughout the series. Additionally, other characters in the series also identify as LGBTQ.

The author handles these characters and their identities in a respectful and thoughtful manner, exploring their experiences and struggles with empathy and understanding.

The inclusion of LGBTQ characters adds depth and richness to the North Oak series, making it a more diverse and inclusive work of fiction.

Expect this unapologetic series to give you the wholesome, exciting queer equestrian read you've been craving!

North Oak

The Farm

Inspired by the likes of the legendary Claiborne, Calumet, and Three Chimneys farms, the fictional North Oak sits on 5000 acres of western Kentucky Bluegrass.

Located in Hamlin, KY near Dunbar Road, this legacy farm has been in the North family for generations.

North Oak specializes in breeding champion racehorses, breaking & training, and sales. Aftercare and secondary career programs available as well.