Dejado Sheerkhan Augustun

If that's even his real name!

Reference only. All credit to photographer.

Hailing from England, Dejado is the main love interest of Brooke Merrsal & Alexandra Anderson,though he only has eyes for Alex.

But Stevenson North isn't the only one with secrets. Dejado's been keeping a very BIG one... from everybody. He refuses to talk about his family or origins.

He is the main jockey for Brooke's string of racehorses, and occasionally picks up rides for her grandfather, Joe Hendricks. He considers Brooke his best friend, even though Johnathan North has tried to step in a time or two.

Even though Alex can be feisty and difficult to love, Dejado will do anything for her. He loves her fiercely, and may or may not be blind to her feelings for Caroline Daves. He only hopes Alex chooses him each day, the way he chooses her.

Still, Carol is his best ally when it comes to Alex, and agrees that the two of them will always be Alex's back up plan.

He loves astronomy, and plans to attend Oxford University when he turns 19. Dejado wants to get in as much riding as possible before he enrolls.

Birthday: January 1
Place of birth: UK
Height: 5'8"
Lineage: Spain & Dubai, with Bedouin descent.

he is a year older than Alex, and a year younger than Brooke.