Caroline Daves

Carol started out as a summer tutor for Alex, but became so much more.
Alex was her first true best friend.

She lives with her single mother in a small brick home between North Oak and Murray, KY.
Her mother, Charlotte, works as a nurse at the county hospital.

Carol is insanely smart, with a passion for math and literature. She often memorizes quotes from Shakespeare and other classics. Her favorite book is Pride & Prejudice, which she can never read enough times over.

To Alex's chagrin, Carol is dating Alex's cousin, Johnathan North. Alex worries little rich boy is stifling her bestie, as Carol's behavior slowly starts changing over time.

Carol may or may not know how Alex secretly feels about her ;)

The meet cute

Fan art by Maddie.drawz on Instagram:

Carol's Playlist

If I Could Tell Her-- Dear Evan Hansen

She Used to Be Mine-- Waitress/Sara Bareilles

Sum of Our Parts -- Mary Lambert